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Canadians today are deeply cynical towards businesses and governments, prompting reluctance to trust leaders or brands. They feel let down with the current state of the world, believing it to be increasingly risky and uncertain.

Canadians have attached importance to two predominant values – fairness and authenticity – in assessing politicians and companies. These two values are combined to create a bi-focal filter to decide who to place faith in and what is worth their trust. 


Kim West, former Partner and Chief Client Officer, and Julien Coulter, former Vice-President and Head of Strategic Planning, discuss the bi-focal lens of fairness and authenticity.


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Report Background and Methodology

The Bold Thinking Report is an ongoing study conducted by NATIONAL Public Relations regarding the predominant value systems guiding Canadians. The study looks at what values are important to Canadians, along with why they’re important and how these values shift over time.

We utilize our Belief Based Behaviour methodology – a unique application of digital ethnographic research developed at NATIONAL. The Belief Based Behaviour research is conducted by a team of PhD-level anthropologists who study consumers’ beliefs and values.